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Having one or more missing teeth can not only harm the way your smile looks, it can also negatively affect your health and the way your teeth function. A mouth that is missing teeth is susceptible to a change in your bite, shifting of your teeth, speech impediments, joint disorders, a heightened risk for gum disease, and a higher chance of experiencing tooth decay. This is because your existing teeth will shift over time, potentially coming out of position and causing any number of the health problems mentioned above.

A dental bridge is another way you can attain a healthy and natural looking smile in as few as two quick visits to our office. The dental experts at Christine Tenaglia, DDS are highly skilled and experienced in implementing dental bridges in Okemos. Over the past 25+ years, Dr. Tenaglia has helped countless patients attain the smile they’ve dreamed of by using various treatments, including dental bridges. Regardless of how many teeth you are missing or how damaged they are, our proficient dental team can help you and your smile today.

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Why Use Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is comprised of one false tooth surrounded by two crowns on either side. These two crowns fit over the already existing teeth and the false tooth fills the gap where the missing tooth used to be. There are various types of dental bridges and the one that you use will be dependent upon the cosmetic results you want and the condition of your smile. Regardless of if you want a permanent or temporary solution, there is a dental bridge that is perfect for you and your teeth.

The three types of dental bridges are:

  1. Maryland bonded bridge – This is a relatively temporary type of bridge comprised generally of one tooth and supported by a frame made out of metal. These are a quick and effective fix but generally do not last as long as the other types of bridges.
  2. Cantilever bridge – This bridge is used when the existing teeth are only on one side of the missing tooth. The replacement tooth is fused to two crowns, connecting the bridge to the already existing teeth.
  3. Traditional bridge – It is the most commonly used type of bridge and is comprised of two crowns on either side of a false tooth, called a pontic. These bridges can be made out of either porcelain or ceramic and if there aren’t any surrounding teeth for the crowns to be supported by, we can efficiently install dental implants to securely fit the bridge into its proper position.

How We Can Help You

Dental bridges can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years; though some last even much longer than that. These long-lasting bridges can fix your smile, provide you with a balanced and healthy bite, maintain your facial structure, prevent your existing teeth from shifting out of place, and restore your ability to properly speak and chew.

For your first visit, Dr. Tenaglia will determine if you are a good candidate for dental bridges and if so, will work to shape your existing teeth to best fit the bridge. Then, we will use a putty-like material to get a mold of your bite so we can create a precise replica of your missing tooth and existing surrounding teeth. Lastly, for your second visit, we will use the mold to create and give you a dental bridge that fits perfectly, providing you with a healthy and natural looking smile that could last for decades.

To learn more about our dental bridges in Okemos, call us today at (517) 347-6733 and speak with our knowledgeable Dr. Tenaglia!

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