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Sealants are typically used to protect the back teeth, where tooth decay happens most frequently. A sealant is a material made of a plastic resin that is generally placed on the molars. The sealant’s plastic resin sticks in the grooves and depressions of the back teeth’s chewing surfaces. The sealant is essentially a barrier and it protects the enamel from bacteria that, when combined with sugar, produces acid that eats a hole in your tooth causing a cavity. Sealants are useful because while flossing and brushing removes bits of food, there are usually still bacteria left wedged deep in the back teeth. Effective sealants help prevent bacteria from ever getting stuck in these hard-to-reach nooks. For sealants that will help prevent cavities and promote a healthy smile, consider our sealants in Okemos today!

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What Are the Benefits of Sealants?

Sealants are a powerful tool, useful for maintaining a healthy and happy smile. They are a preventative measure and serve to help keep your back teeth cavity-free. The sealants are usually incredibly easy to apply and it only takes several minutes to seal each tooth. Dr. Tenaglia has over 25+ years of in-depth dental experience and she has performed this treatment over 1,000 times throughout her career. Using state-of-the-art technology and new clinical techniques, we can quickly and efficiently apply your sealants in Okemos. This procedure is completely safe, as it is non-invasive and requires no shot or drilling.

The process for applying sealants usually goes like this:

  • First, we clean your tooth to make sure there is no bacteria in the form of plaque or foreign material in the way
  • Then, your tooth is dried and surrounded by cotton to keep it dry
  • After that, we place a cleaning solution on your tooth to make it more receptive to the sealant
  • Your tooth is then rinsed and dried, with more cotton placed to surround the tooth
  • After we place the cotton, Dr. Tenaglia will apply the sealant in the grooves of the biting surface of your tooth
  • The sealant is hardened by a high intensity light in just a couple seconds and will then be permanently in place

As you can see from above, the procedure is very safe and fast. Once the sealant sets, it will work to keep foreign substances form getting stuck in your back teeth. With proper care, your teeth can remain cavity-free for years on end! For proficient, personalized, and compassionate dental services, contact the dental experts at Dr. Christine Tenaglia today.

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