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  • Computer Chip Credit Card
    Computer Chip Credit Card

    Do you know why a Computer Chip Credit Card is expected to provide more security? The Traditional Cards have magnetic stripes that hold the fixed data about the user that can easily be copied for many ...

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  • Give back Tuesday
    Give back Tuesday

    Did you know that It’s give back Tuesday Today? Everyone can give something! Consider giving a smile or a compliment to someone you encountered today. We make people smile every day, with bright white ...

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  • Oral Cancer Test
    Oral Cancer Test

    Did you know that Oral Cancer is the most costly cancer by a factor of 2? It is costly because it is usually not caught until it is already in stage IV. When caught early survival rate can be 80-90%. ...

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  • Happy Thanksgiving!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Did you know these fun facts about the holiday season? The first Thanksgiving meal did not include turkey! Instead, they ate deer, duck, geese, oysters, lobster, eel and fish. The average Thanksgiving ...

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  • Ice Chips Candy
    Ice Chips Candy

    Many of our patients have tried Ice Chips Candy in our office and have asked where they could get more from! Ice Chips are a naturally sweetened candy made with Xylitol. Xylitol has many benefits ...

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  • Smoking is Dangerous
    Smoking is Dangerous

    Do you know there are 3 ways to smoke tobacco? Cigarettes E-cigarettes Hookah Keep in mind they all have negative side effects in your mouth. Negative effects include staining, altering taste, oral ...

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