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Okemos Dental X-Rays

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At Dr. Christine Tenaglia’s office our state-of-the-art technology allows us to take digital x-rays for patients, which offer several significant advantages over traditional x-rays. Dr. Tenaglia saw the benefits of digital x-rays early on and has the newest digital x-ray system in the market, which has the lowest exposure of harmful dosages. Our team of dental experts are highly trained and experienced in using this digital radiography. Backed by over 25+ years of in-depth dental experience, we can help you accurately diagnose your condition and then work to treat it effectively.

In terms of benefits, digital x-rays offer:

  • Decreased exposure to x-ray radiation by up to 90 percent, as opposed to traditional x-rays
  • A much faster process overall, since we do not have to reload film positioners for every picture and because there is no film development phase. The photos are automatically uploaded to our computer monitor for clear and instant viewing.
  • The ability to enhance pictures of your teeth, and a variety of methods for improved viewing
  • The ability to save images on our computer for instant retrieval

Digital Radiography

Using digital x-rays is called digital radiography and it allows us to see intricate details when we assess the state of your teeth and mouth. From there, we are able to make more accurate diagnoses thereby allowing us to provide even better treatment. With improved treatment, Dr. Tenaglia will be able to more efficiently help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. You can count on Dr. Tenaglia to provide you with effective, personalized, and compassionate dental care.

CBCT Technology by Carestream

Dr. Tenaglia is the only general dentist in the Mid-Michigan area that has this highly advanced piece of equipment. It allows her to see the head and neck in 3-Dimensions. This allows her to provide advanced TMJ/TMD therapies and new orthodontic procedures in the most effective and efficient manner. Dr. Tenaglia has helped relieve patients of years of pain and discomfort.

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