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  • Top 8 Reasons Why Cavities Form
    Top 8 Reasons Why Cavities Form

    Have you been to the dentist recently and he/she said: “Hrmph, it looks like you have a cavity we need to fix”? And then did you think to yourself, “Great, just what I needed” Don’t get too down on ...

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  • What is Fluoride Varnish?
    What is Fluoride Varnish?

    Fluoride Varnish What is fluoride? Easily define; fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by slowing demineralization and increasing the remineralization process. Wait, what is demineralization? ...

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  • Office Remodel Update 2
    Office Remodel Update 2

    Have you been into the office since the painting has been completed? The remodel is even more along now than these pictures show, but how about this color?! We're excited about the completion... ...

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  • Stroke Indicator
    Stroke Indicator

    Could you help determine if someone was having a stroke? Remember S.T.R and tongue. S stands for smile, T is for talk and R is for raise. There could be a very subtle hint of any of these symptoms so ...

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  • Number 1 Reason You Have Bad Breath
    Number 1 Reason You Have Bad Breath

    Did you know? Did you know that when neglected, the tongue can hold thousands of bacteria causing bad breath? Have you ever thought, "why is my tongue white and not pink?" This is the cause of ...

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  • Las Vegas Institute
    Las Vegas Institute

    You may be wondering where Dr. Tenaglia has gone to this week. She has taken on some greater education in the great state of Nevada. She has been a member of the Las Vegas Institute most of her career ...

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