Here are a few “trick or treating” hygiene tips from your friendly Hygienist MaryLou!

Here are a few “trick or treating” hygiene tips:

Be selective of the candy- Eat candy that melts fast and can be eaten quickly. Try to avoid gooey, sticky sweets that can linger in the mouth and on the teeth.
Donate or throw away excess candy- Don’t leave it around the house after Halloween is over.
Avoid grazing- Don’t pick at the candy throughout the day, the constant sugar is fuel for the bacteria that cause cavities.
Eat a Healthy Meal first- Don’t have the children fill up on candy and snacks, but fill up on a healthy nutritious meal first. This allows the child not to go overboard on the candy.

Enjoy the few easy dental hygiene tricks to all you and your family to fully enjoy Halloween.

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