ATHENA International believes in supporting, honoring and developing women leaders who make a difference globally, nationally and locally. Today, Dr. Tenaglia joined members of the McLaren Foundation Board in Lansing to witness speaker Ashley Judd speak on her passion to create balance in leadership worldwide. “I believe with all my soul that the art of compassionate witnessing is at the core of global change and peace building,” Ashley Judd said about her involvement in supporting women’s leadership worldwide. Ashely Judd is an actress and humanitarian who works hard at lifting up individuals who are vulnerable and at-risk, she dedicates her time tirelessly to inspire others. The presentation in Lansing had over 100 women and one man attending to listen to the words of those that hope to plant a seed in each one’s mind to help encourage support and enthusiasm to women leaders. Dr. Tenaglia and her team can take away many points from the presentation to utilize clinically, therefore, feeling empowered to lead their patients to educated decisions on their health and lifestyles.

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