Foods That can discolor your teeth

Believe it or not enamel the hardest substance in our bodies is porous

Black Coffee

Coffee is the number one worst stainer. It leaves behind yellowish stain on your teeth.  As you continue to drink just black coffee, it will penetrate deeper and deeper.  Best thing to do is avoid drinking coffee or add milk/cream to your coffee so that its takes away some of the staining pigment.


Yes, tea can stain your teeth.  You may think just because the color is light, it won’t stain, but it does.  Avoid drinking dark colored tea because it can cause more stain than coffee.

Red Wine

Red wine has many benefits.  It is good for your heart, it reduce inflammation, and can help reduce gum disease.  Red wine can leave stains. Red wine is acidic with intensely pigmented molecules called tannins and chromogens.  It’s amazing that something so good for you can also stain your teeth.

Cola/ Pop/ Soda

Did you know pop contains acids. It can contain up to 3 types of acids.  Phosphoric, citrus and carbonic acid are three acids that may be found in pop, and they make it easier for each color to penetrate the enamel.  It’s really bad for your teeth if you drink a large amount. You will get cavities and discolored teeth in your mouth due to the acids.  Try to limit yourself to one a day or use a straw to reduce your risk of getting stained.


Deep colored sauces are believed to have significant tooth- staining potential.  Some examples are: soy, curry, and tomatoes sauces.  These spices are chromogenic (color imparting). Remember to drink a lot of water when you are enjoying your meal.

To keep your smile bright and white, rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth within 30 minute of consuming something acidic or discoloring.  This will help reduce your risk of getting stains on your teeth.  Remember, anything that stains a white shirt will stain your teeth.  

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