Never Too Young

You’re never too young or too old to go to Dr. Tenaglia. Pictured here is Dr. Tenaglia’s grandfather, he has been going to her since she graduated from dental school in 1992 and can you believe it he still has all his teeth. Also pictured is Dawson, our youngest patient. Although he hasn’t been seen in the office yet, we’re excited to see his all of his baby teeth grow in!

We welcome all ages of patients, from kids to the elderly. If you haven’t visited the website or the office, you may not know the variety of services we offer as a team. From an early age, we can detect the growth of the dentition and help parents with options to optimize their time at the dentist with their children. We have been able to coerce primary dentitions so adult teeth can properly grow in with out invasive techniques.

We do believe in allowing natural growth aspire as well, although some interaction in the dental office can assist. No child is ever too young to come to see Dr. Tenaglia and her team to review great oral home care. Sometimes, with our busy life schedules, we forget the simple at home care needs our mouths need on a daily basis from brushing and flossing to our diets. Even as elderly it’s great to have a friendly reminder of how to make sure we are taking great care of our teeth and tissue.

Fortunately, we at Dr. Tenaglia’s have a vast amount of elderly patients too. At any age, we are happy to assist with the needs and desires of our patients. We offer to any who seek out treatment from whitening to crowns and implants.

As we have said before you are never too young or too old to come see us at Dr. Tenaglia’s.

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