Why are Dental Checkups essential?

Routine dental checkups are very important in maintaining oral and overall health! Although you may not be looking forward to your dental appointment every 6 months, it’s necessary that you always put it on your schedule!

Dentists are not only concerned with fixing teeth, they want to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy. At a routine checkup your dentist is also evaluating for abnormalities that could otherwise go unnoticed and be a red flag to larger health issues. This could include: tooth decay, oral cancer, gum disease, clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth, swollen lymph nodes, etc. The University of California, Berkley performed a study revealing that women who get regular dental care reduce their risk of heart disease by one third.

If good oral hygiene is not practiced between visits, plaque and tartar can quickly build up. If you’re developing plaque and it is not treated it can lead to gum disease.

Your dental checkups are also crucial to your overall health. Did you know nearly 120 diseases that effect the whole body can be visible in your mouth? Regular checkups can reveal this to your dentist before you are even aware of any symptoms.

It may be tempting to skip a dental checkup from time to time, but in the end it will save you time and money!

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