Is Diabetes Affecting Your Oral Health?

Did you know that more than 8% of the US population has diabetes, and 7 million of those individuals do not even know they have the disease!!  It is important for individuals with diabetes to maintain their special oral health care needs.

We will mention a few reminders to consider for those of you with diabetes: 

  • You should be evaluated for aggressive soft tissue management. This is very important because you are at higher risk for developing infections especially poor wound healing.  If you are experiencing any gum sensitivity or soreness, schedule to see us as soon as possible.
  • You may need to schedule one to two month continuing care dental hygiene appointments to keep the periodontal, caries and xerostomia conditions in check.  Your oral health is important for your overall health, you must always remember that!!
  • Proper home care is important.  This includes brushing twice a day, performing interdental cleaning with floss or other flossing aides.  It is important to keep your gums clear of disease. If you have any questions regarding the special care needed with diabetics, feel free to get a hold of us.  Also, make sure to keep us updated on your medications or changes in your health.  We will see you soon for your next cleaning!
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