It’s Never Too Late to Start Making Healthier Choices

1. Instead of an energy drink or coffee, try taking a nap. Shutting your eyes for thirty minutes or so can improve your attention span and reaction time for up to four hours afterward.

2. Instead of snacking on candy, try eating a handful of berries. In addition to being more filling, fruit also contains twice as much protein and fiber. Try to make it easy by keeping a bowl of washed fruit in the fridge all the time.

3. Instead of having your iced tea sweetened with sugar, try some honey. Honey is natural and contains small amounts of calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

4. Instead of showering in the morning, try a shower at night. The warm water at night will help trigger your body to cool down and signal that it’s time to sleep along with relaxing your muscles.

5. Instead of grilling a steak, try making a shish-kabob. Grilling a large piece of meat can collect carcinogens from the char and smoke but since the meat is smaller it has less time to absorb smoke. Adding veggies to your skewers also tends to make you eat less meat.

6. Instead of checking your phone first thing in the morning, try starting your day without technology. By just taking a few minutes to enjoy the early morning, you will feel more centered, calm, and ready to handle the day.

7. Instead of going to the car wash, try washing your car yourself at home. This will help burn calories and work your arms, shoulders, abs, quads, and glutes. Just 30 minutes of scrubbing your car can burn 150 calories.

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