Number 1 Reason You Have Bad Breath

Did you know that when neglected, the tongue can hold thousands of bacteria causing bad breath? Have you ever thought, “why is my tongue white and not pink?” This is the cause of forgetting to brush the soft tissue during your tooth brushing times helping the bacteria multiply.

The white coloration of your tongue is caused by the bacteria, for a lack of better terms, the white is the bacteria “pooping” on your tongue and changing its color. The more technical term would be that its soft plaque that is easily brushable. It makes take a few days for the plaque to disappear but what good you are doing for yourself and your neighbor!

Don’t forget we mentioned it causes bad breath. This is the biggest component to most people because there is a multi million dollar industry for making breath smell better. Do you chew gum, suck on mints, or have mouth rinse handy before you go speak to other people? Maybe take a look at your routine and the amount of time you spend on brushing your tongue. Your friends and family may just thank you for doing so one day.

Ultimately, the best reason to remove the soft plaque from your tongue is also about your health. This bacteria can wriggle its way into your body by way of scraping off with food you eat.

So take care of yourself and make sure you’re spending quality time making sure to clean your entire oral cavity, not just the pearly whites. Like we said, someone just might thank you one day!

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