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Improve your Confidence with a Smile Makeover

Okemos, Lansing, East Lansing MI

Our smile instantly says a lot about us. It lets people know if we’re happy, social and approachable. It also shows how confident we are in ourselves. If someone is hiding a smile, it’s usually because they are embarrassed by it. This could be due to several factors, such as misaligned, crooked, broken, discolored or missing teeth.

There’s no need to hide behind your hand or napkin anymore when you’re smiling or when something makes you laugh. Let our cosmetic dentist in Okemos, Dr. Christine Tenaglia, give you a customized smile makeover that will have you flashing your pearly whites for the cameras before you can even say the word “cheese!”

Today, we’re looking at cosmetic dental options that we have at our fingertips to customize a smile makeover that will give you back your confidence:

Teeth whitening

Teeth turn discolored and dingy with age and because of certain foods and beverages that we enjoy. Wine, coffee, dark berries, chocolate, tomato sauce and dark sodas will stain teeth over time. At-home whitening kits are inconsistent and can also cause sensitive teeth and burning gum tissue. Our cosmetic dentist office in Lansing, in as little as one visit, can drastically improve the whiteness and brightness of your smile. This is an economical and quick way to bring your smile back to life.


If you have a misaligned bite or teeth that are crooked or gapped, we have a solution for you! Using metal wires and brackets — along with periodic adjustments with Dr. Tenaglia in our East Lansing Invisalign office — braces gradually pull teeth into their proper position. But cosmetic dental technology has come a long way in recent years, and now our office specializes in the revolutionary system that straightens teeth without the need for awkward metal braces. Invisalign uses discreet, clear plastic aligner trays to shift teeth into proper position, usually in half the time it takes braces. Because of its discreet nature, this is a popular choice for orthodontic dentistry among our older teen and adult patients.

Dental bonding

Dental bonding is an economical and efficient treatment for damaged or discolored teeth. In one simple, non-invasive visit to our Okemos cosmetic dentist’s office, Dr. Tenaglia can use a durable composite resin (the same material used to fill cavities) to cover or rebuild a tooth, matching it in color, shape and size to neighboring teeth.

Porcelain veneers

Veneers are wafer-thin, durable porcelain “shells” that adhere to the front surfaces of teeth that are damaged, gapped, mildly crooked or too short. Veneers can restore one or multiple teeth at once, and they usually take no more than two office visits to complete.

Dental implants

Dental implants are a multi-part solution to replace a single lost tooth or multiple teeth. The process involves inserting a titanium post into the area of the jawbone where the natural tooth is missing. The jawbone is immediately stimulated upon the post being inserted, and the bone eventually fuses around the post. The post, then, becomes a tooth root for an abutment and dental crown that is designed and fabricated to look exactly like surrounding natural teeth in color, shape, form and function.

Cosmetic Dentist in East Lansing and Okemos

Pick one or several cosmetic procedures, and let’s plan a makeover that will give you something to smile about! If you’re curious about cosmetic dentistry and/or what Dr. Tenaglia would recommend for your own, custom-designed makeover, give Tenaglia Smiles a call at (517) 940-8684, or reach out to us online to schedule a consultation today.

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