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Okemos Dentist Answers 3 Questions about Cosmetic Dentistry

Okemos, Lansing, East Lansing MI

In today’s society, a person’s appearance can dramatically impact others, whether good or bad. Unfortunately, when you smile with gapped, broken, chipped, or twisted teeth, you could send the wrong message about who you are and what you’re like. Fortunately, there are cosmetic dental solutions that can address your imperfect smile and restore your self-confidence. In many cases, patients ask questions about cosmetic dentistry to gain an understanding of the process before undergoing treatment. Therefore, our Okemos cosmetic dentist, Dr. Christine Tenaglia, shares the answers to three of the most popular questions about cosmetic dentistry.

Question #1: Do cosmetic dentists need special training?

Although all dentists must attend college to begin working with patients, some stop their education after graduating. Unfortunately, that means they lack the specialized education, experience, and skills required to produce quality cosmetic results. Therefore, our Lansing cosmetic dentist explains that when researching cosmetic dentists, feel free to ask the dentist about their post-graduate education, training, experience, and before and after photos to see their work. Dr. Tenaglia has completed hundreds of hours of advanced training in cosmetic dentistry. Additionally, she has attended post-graduate training at LVI, the Pankey Institute, and Frank Spear. Rest assured that when you choose Dr. Tenaglia, you’re choosing one of the most qualified cosmetic dentists in Okemos.

Question #2: What are some of the most requested treatments?

At Tenaglia Smiles, we are honored to treat patients of all ages. However, here are the most popular cosmetic dental treatments offered in Okemos.

  1. Bonding – Dental bonding is a tooth-colored composite material that is pliable so that the dentist can mold and shape it to match surrounding teeth. Teeth that have little decay or chipped can benefit from bonding because it covers the tooth surface. Then, a special light cures the material, and becomes hard like tooth enamel.
  2. WhiteningTeeth whitening is one of the most universally common cosmetic requests. Brightening your smile can happen in our office or home with specialized whitening options guaranteed to deliver more results than store-bought products.
  3. Veneers – Veneers are porcelain shell-like covers for the front of your teeth. The material is similar in shape, color, and size to match your natural teeth and create a seamless smile. Veneers are an excellent cosmetic treatment for those with broken, chipped, discolored, gapped, or unevenly spaced teeth.
  4. CrownsDental crowns are a restorative cosmetic treatment that can repair deteriorating teeth. Whether your teeth got damaged from an accident or overcome with harmful bacteria that caused tooth decay, a dental crown can improve your bite functionality while improving your smile’s aesthetics.

Question #3: How long can I expect the results to last, and how much will it cost?

Cosmetic treatments can vary in how long they last, depending on the patient’s oral health, at-home oral hygiene habits, and the treatment choice. Our cosmetic dentist in Okemos explains that while many cosmetic treatments can provide semi-permanent solutions that last for years, others can last a lifetime. Caring for your smile and not using your teeth as tools to open packages can help extend the cosmetic treatment lifecycle. Costs for treatment vary as it depends on the patient’s needs, their insurance coverage, and current pricing for materials.

Cosmetic Dentist in Okemos, Lansing, and East Lansing, MI

Deciding on a cosmetic treatment should include the knowledge, expertise, and experience of a qualified cosmetic dentist. Revamping your smile using cosmetic dentistry can dramatically impact your self-esteem and make social situations more comfortable and less embarrassing. To find out more about cosmetic dentistry or schedule an appointment at our Okemos dental office, feel free to call Tenaglia Smiles at (517) 347-6733 or contact us online.

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