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What’s Staining My Teeth?

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It’s natural for your teeth to lose some of their luster as time passes. Still, stains or discoloration on your teeth can make you self-conscious about showing off your smile. Thankfully, most of these stains can be removed. Today on the blog, your Okemos cosmetic dentist explores some of the causes of stains on your teeth, and how we can help.

The categories of tooth stains

There are three categories of tooth stains:

  1. Extrinsic: This refers to stains that develop on your tooth enamel, the protective outer layer of your tooth structure. These stains usually develop from tobacco use (either smoking or chewing tobacco) or regular consumption of certain foods and drinks that stain teeth, such as red pasta sauce, wine, coffee, chocolate and dark-colored fruits.
  2. Intrinsic: These stains develop inside the tooth, usually appearing as grayish areas of discoloration. Intrinsic stains may form as a reaction to certain medications, especially tetracycline; or due to trauma to the tooth, an area of decay or over exposure to fluoride. There’s also a genetic link to intrinsic stains.
  3. Age-related: Your teeth naturally lose some of their whiteness as time passes. The enamel thins, revealing more of dentin, the next layer of tooth structure, which has a yellowish hue. Intrinsic and extrinsic factors can impact the process of age-related discoloration.

How to get whiter teeth

No matter the source of the stains on your teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help. At Tenaglia Smiles, we offer teeth whitening procedures which can change the shade of your teeth dramatically in only an hour. Our whitening treatments include the Zoom! Whitening System, which entails the application of a powerful whitening gel which is then activated under a specialized light; and GLO whitening, which can produce results in as little as 32 minutes. No matter which option you choose, our professional whitening treatments in Okemos have longer-lasting and more effective results than any store-bought option, with minimal risk of heightened dental sensitivity since your procedure is overseen by Dr. Tenaglia and her team of oral health professionals.

Alternatively, if you want to permanently whiten your smile, you can receive veneers in your desired shade to cover all the visible tooth surface in your mouth. We work with veneers made of dental porcelain, a material that is beautiful and resists extrinsic stains. Your veneers will last decades with a proper regimen of oral care that includes regular brushing and flossing, combined with twice-yearly visits to your dentist for a checkup.

Cosmetic dentistry in Okemos, Lansing and East Lansing in Michigan

Whitening your smile can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your smile. Whether you opt for tooth whitening or veneers, the team at Tenaglia Smiles is ready to help through its program of cosmetic dentistry. To find out more about the ways that we can whiten teeth or how you may be able to prevent stains developing on your teeth, or to learn more about our cosmetic procedures, schedule a consultation at our office today. Just call (517) 347-6733 or visit us online.

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