Stroke Indicator

Could you help determine if someone was having a stroke?


Remember S.T.R and tongue. S stands for smile, T is for talk and R is for raise. There could be a very subtle hint of any of these symptoms so it could be hard to determine. This shouldn’t stop you from calling 911 anyway.

Have the person smile usually they will not be able to smile much or one side will lack in muscle movement. Talk, have the person say a simple phrase such as, “chicken soup”. It’s simple but it makes the person have to use their whole the mouth which can help you visually. Raise both arms. One may not move at all or very minimally. The person will look like they are struggling to raise one side and depending on the situation they may not know it’s not raising easily.

Lastly, have them stick their tongue out if it goes to one side this is an indicator. If the person is having any trouble with one of these tasks, call 911 and describe it to the operator. By sharing this information with 10 people you could help save at least 1 life.

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